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Sustainability and Responsibility

We have a firm commitment to hold an event that not only has a positive impact on the advancement of orthopedic medicine, but also on our relationship with our surroundings and the environment.

In this regard, we have implemented a series of measures to ensure the sustainability of our convention:

Recycling: We set up recycling points throughout the event, promoting the correct disposal of residues to reduce the waste footprint generated.

Sustainable Materials: We will strive to ensure that the materials used at the convention, from stationery to cleaning products, are sustainably sourced and preferably local, in order to minimize our carbon footprint.

Food and Beverage Policies: We are committed to using local suppliers and organic food for our gastronomy, minimizing carbon emissions in food transportation and supporting local economies.

Minimizing Environmental Impact: We work closely with The Singular Patagonia Hotel and local authorities to minimize the impact of our convention on the natural environment of Chilean Patagonia.

Education: Throughout the convention, we will have talks and workshops on sustainability in healthcare, to encourage greater awareness and practice of sustainable medicine among our attendees.

Community: We will carry out an operation in Puerto Natales. This project reinforces our commitment to the communities we visit, leaving a positive footprint that lasts beyond the event. 

We believe that these steps, together with the commitment of all our attendees and suppliers, will allow us to hold a convention that will be a benchmark in terms of sustainability and environmental responsibility in the field of medical conferences.

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